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My Favorite Romances of 2021: Part One

This post contains affiliate links.

Alright guys. So normally at the end of every year I do a post with all of my 4 and 5 star reads and honestly, I was going to do that again this year, but after compiling my most anticipated post, I felt kinda burnt out on the list posts. And the truth of it is, I have A LOT of 4 and 5 star reads this year. Putting them all in one post would be daunting and frankly, I’m too lazy for that shit right now. So what I decided to do instead was highlight fifteen of my top top top books of the year. These were all books that I absolutely loved, but I also tried to pick books that haven’t been on every single list ever (yes People We Meet On Vacation was one of my favorite books this year, but I think we all know it exists). And I tried to pick some books that were released in the beginning of the year because I’m self-serving and I want y’all to remember us beginning of the year books when it comes time for your 2022 lists ;o) These are in no particular order, just one big pile of faves!

The Intimacy Experiment by Rosie Danan: I fell in love with Rosie’s writing during The Roommate (you know I’m here for the roommance!) and I think I fell even harder reading Intimacy Experiment. Naomi was a kickass character from the moment she stepped foot on the page in The Roommate, and getting to see inside her head was absolutely fascinating. Combine her tough exterior with Ethan’s cinnamon roll core and you basically have the ingredients for a romance I’m going to love. I’m also low-key obsessed with Shameless and would like it to be a real thing, please and thank you.

Hot Copy by Ruby Barrett: Emphasis on the hot! And please don’t think I only love cinnamon roll heroes, because I do branch out occasionally, but Wes is a delightful squishy and I loved the way he and Corrine balanced each other out. Hot Copy tackles some really serious issues, specifically sexual harassment/assault in the workplace and Ruby handles the whole conflict beautifully. These two characters have my whole heart!

Honey Girl by Morgan Rogers: I might be a good ten years older than Grace, the main character in Honey Girl, but I related to her so so much. She’s struggling to find her place and dealing with a lot of uncertainty when it comes to her career and her future, and her struggles just felt so real. Her relationship with Yuki is just so sweet and I loved how the two of them take a topsy turvy situation (they get drunk married in Vegas) and turn it into something stable and solid. This book also has a fantastic found family, which is something I always love in my books.

Twice Shy by Sarah Hogle: You know what I love almost as much as a cinnamon roll? A grump. And a grump who’s a secret cinnamon roll is basically my favorite thing ever. You know what else is my favorite thing ever? Sarah’s writing. Sarah writes–and this is the biggest compliment I can give–like she doesn’t give a fuck. Her books are fearless and come from her heart and her magical brain and I don’t know how she does it but I want to be her when I grow up. I loved this book so hard and even just writing this little paragraph about it makes me want to go reread it. So I think I’m gonna.

Act Your Age, Eve Brown by Talia Hibbert: Yes, this book has been on all the lists and that’s because it’s brilliant. The opposites attract/forced proximity tropes are always golden in my book and Talia manages them with her perfect LOL humor. Eve and Jacob are an imperfectly perfect match and I fell in love with both of them. Also, this book contains maybe the greatest Marvel shoutout I have ever seen and I think about it constantly. IYKYK. If you’re one of the five people who haven’t read this one yet, get on it.

This is just part one friends! Parts two and three will be coming at you next week and by then you will hopefully have been blessed with gift cards and can let the book buying commence!

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