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Release Day Recap!

Hi friends! I know I’m starting out a lot of blog posts with thanks these days, but I don’t feel like it will ever be enough! I seriously had the best release week ever and I’m so thankful for all the love and support y’all have shown me and Lease on Love. I always wondered how authors spend their release days, so I thought I would put together a little recap for you so you can see the glamour and fun and also the totally normal day it turned out to be!

My morning was like most others. I woke up super early, got my kiddo up and dressed, and walked him to school. I tried to not dive immediately into my social media notifications, but not going to lie, I definitely peeked, saw how out of control they were, and headed directly to Starbucks! Once I had coffee and breakfast, I took some time to go through all of the lovely comments and gorgeous Instagram photos–I was and still am blown away by the way you all turned out for this book! I had no idea what to expect and the sheer volume was a little overwhelming (in the best possible way). I tried to respond to everyone, but I’m sure some slipped through the cracks (I apologize, please know all the love was appreciated!). Once the bookstores were open, my husband and I headed out to our local Barnes and Noble. It was a surreal experience to walk into the B&N where I regularly shop and see my book on their rom-com table! Like it was just there! Waiting for people to buy it! I signed my first ever books and everyone was so nice and it was lovely.

After B&N, we headed to the Target across the way, but couldn’t find any copies (boo), so we did the next best thing and went and got a beer and some lunch. I dropped the husband back at home so he could pick up the kid from school and I made my way over to a different Barnes and Noble and signed some more books. I was nervous about approaching the sellers and asking to sign copies, but they were all so wonderful and excited for me, it was fantastic! I also bought a whole bunch of books while I was there because I have no s(h)elf control. On my way home I decided to try one more Target, and I had a mini freak out when I actually saw my books on their shelf! I tucked some of my bookmarks into the pages (I wanted to sign them but I was scared someone was going to yell at me) and took a bunch of pics and it was amazing.

I headed back home shortly after because my husband had a rehearsal which meant it was time to go back to real life. I spent the afternoon and evening helping the kid with homework and making dinner and doing bath and stories, just like a normal day. It was a grounding end to a heady day! Throughout the day I got so many lovely texts and surprises, it was truly just a perfect day.

Thank you all again! I had the best day ever and I’m so grateful to everyone who played a part in it!

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