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Trip Report: London Part Two

If you missed part one, you can find it here!

Hi friends! We’re back with the second edition of my recent trip to London (which of course now it’s been almost a month since we left, how did that happen so quickly?!?!?). Our first few days were jam packed with activities, but the rest of our week was a little more casual. Which is good because on Thursday, our third full day in London, we didn’t wake up until 1:00 pm! Both my mom and I had a lot of trouble sleeping while on the trip, we never really adjusted to London time, and that was basically the only good night’s sleep I got–and most of it was during the day! But we hit the road as soon as we were up and moving, doing some shopping at Fortnum and Mason and a couple of bookstores that were nearby. Overall, I found the romance sections in most bookstores to be lacking, which was a bummer, though that of course didn’t stop me from picking up a ton of books while I was there!

Thursday afternoon I got to meet my fabulous UK editor and her assistant at the gorgeous offices of Headline Eternal. Seriously, their roof top has one of the best views! It was so lovely to meet with them and chat all things books! After my office tour, we went to a local gin bar, which was amazing!

On Friday, we hopped on a train and headed out of the city to go to one of the places I was most excited to see: Richmond! I am a huge Ted Lasso fan and it was so cool to see the streets and pub where the show is filmed. It’s even more fun to watch the show now that I’ve been to the actual spots! After strolling around the town for a bit (it’s adorable, btw), we headed to one of my mom’s most anticipated spots: Wimbeldon. We did the whole Wimbeldon tour and got to see Centre Court and it was very cool overall.

Since Saturday was our last full day in the city, we spent our time wandering to a bunch of places we wanted to see but hadn’t had time for yet. We stopped by the famous Notting Hill Bookshop (they had a great romance section, though no Lease on Love :o( ) and explored Covent Garden.

We went to the adorable Peggy Porschen bakery and I wish we could have stayed there all day because it was so cute and everything looked delicious. I also managed to snag this super cute book pic so does that mean it’s a write off?

And we finally made our way over to Big Ben, which apparently has been under scaffolding for quite some time, but has finally been revealed!

Safe to say we had an amazing trip and I’m really looking forward to hopefully making my way back to London someday to take in even more of the sights!

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