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Book Review: Count Your Lucky Stars by Alexandria Bellefleur

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Author: Alexandria Bellefleur

Sub-genre: Contemporary

So I know I just said this in another post, but I really love reading later books in series because there’s already so much love for the character before you even start the book. That was definitely true for me in Count Your Lucky Stars, which I think might actually be my favorite book of Alexandria’s so far!

Margot, who we know and love from the previous two books, is starting to feel like the fifth wheel. She loves all her besties and their respective partners, but as she is completing her Best Woman duties for Brendan’s wedding, she’s beginning to feel out of place. And then in walks Olivia, Brendan and Annie’s new wedding planner and Margot’s high school best friend/crush/one time almost sort of girlfriend. When Olivia’s apartment floods and she needs a place to stay, Margot offers up her spare room, and well, you know how that forced proximity goes. Margot and Olivia quickly discover their physical chemistry is still burning hot, but both of them have some emotional hurdles to clear–and some past tension to resolve–before they can fully be together. But of course they do, because you know we’re getting an HEA here.

Okay, so first off, this book is super hot. Like definitely the steamiest of the three books in the series, and by a long shot (in my opinion). I’m obviously here for that. I’m also here for some of my favorite tropes: forced proximity, second chance, roommates to lovers, this book is packed full of them. I loved watching Margot and Olivia figure out their past history and also explore a future with one another. But mostly, I really loved watching all of these characters from the previous books come together for some good found family time. We spend a lot of time with Brendan, Annie, Darcy, and Elle and I just loved getting to catch up with them while also seeing the love story of Margot and Olivia unfold. The whole book is pretty low angst and it just made me happy, and honestly, what is romance for if not to bring us a little light and a lot of joy? I loved this book, loved this series, and I can’t wait to see what Alexandria does next!

Overall Rating: 5 stars

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