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Book Review: Delilah Green Doesn’t Care by Ashley Herring Blake

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Author: Ashley Herring Blake

Sub-genre: Contemporary

Release Date: February 22, 2022

So if you hang around Romancelandia, like at all, you have probably seen the cover for Delilah Green Doesn’t Care just about everywhere. It’s on everyone’s most anticipated lists and everyone I know who loves romance, loves this book. Spoiler alert: I did too.

Delilah Green is a hot up and coming photographer living in New York. She fled her small hometown after the death of her father (and the much earlier death of her mother) left her with no one but a cold stepmother and a much too cool for Delilah stepsister. And like the title suggests, Delilah is now too cool to care about anyone or anything. Except paying bills, which requires cash. So when her stepmother offers her an exorbitant amount to fly out and photograph her stepsister’s two weeks of wedding activities, Delilah can’t afford to say no. Though she does plan on making the whole situation as uncomfortable for her family as she can. Which is all well and good until she runs into Claire, her stepsister’s best friend from childhood, aka one of the girls who tortured Delilah when they were kids. Delilah and Claire have instant chemistry and after an only one bed situation, decide to hook up just while Delilah is in town. But we all know how that goes, and the more time the two spend together, the deeper they fall. But Delilah has a lot of unresolved–and some misinformed–issues she needs to deal with and Claire’s life isn’t exactly complication free. Both will have to find a way to figure out their shit and make it work (and they do, because romance).

This might sound a little messed up given her plethora of issues, but I want to be Delilah Green. She is so cool and artistic and even though she has many moments of self doubt, she is also comfortable in her skin and knows who she is. I don’t know how it’s possible to be confident and insecure at the same time, but she is and it totally works. I absolutely loved the immediate connection between Delilah and Claire (despite having known each other for years) and their chemistry is off the charts. What really put this one over the top for me was the relationship between Delilah and her stepsister. I loved watching them spar and loved even more watching them come together to figure out their long-standing issues. This was just an entertaining, heartwarming, gut wrenching read and I loved every second of it.

Overall Rating: 5 stars

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