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Book Review: No Words by Meg Cabot

This post contains affiliate links. In addition, I was provided with a free copy of the book in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own.

Title: No Words

Author: Meg Cabot

Sub-genre: Contemporary

Release Date: September 28, 2021

So full disclosure here, friends. I don’t typically read Meg’s adult books, despite being a fan of her YA, for one main reason: they are lacking in the sexy times. And to be totally honest, I like my romance to come with a side of sexy times. I certainly don’t fault authors who choose not to write them, but as a reader, I tend to veer toward open door. But when I read the description for this book, I was all over it.

Jo is a middle grade/teen writer with a super popular book series. She is struggling to write the next installment, while also dealing with the financial strain of trying to help her dad retire and move. When she gets offered a ridiculous conference appearance fee for a tiny book festival, she doesn’t really have the option of saying no. The only problem is the festival is being held on Little Bridge Island, a place she has been determined to never visit since her arch nemesis lives there. Will is a bestselling lit fic writer who made some pretty crappy comments about Jo in the New York Times and is also mostly a smug bastard. But Jo’s agent assures her Will won’t be in attendance for the festival, and also entices her further with the promise that being in the fresh island air will help her with her writer’s block. So Jo agrees to go, and of course, it turns out Will is not only in attendance, he is one of the hosts of the festival. Jo comes for him with guns blazing, but the more the two interact, the more she learns how wrong she might have been about Will in the first place. The two end up falling for each other, and of course, living happily ever after.

Not going to lie, a huge part of the appeal of this book for me is the fact that it’s about writers. I love reading books about writers (do other professions also experience this?) and that’s what drew me to this book. I could tell from the opening pages that this was going to be a fun, quick, lighthearted read, and it was. There’s humor and good banter and a stunning location, and of course, the writing and the voice was perfection. I liked this one so much, I went out and bought the other books in the series because even without the sexy times, this one was such a good read.

Overall Rating: 4.5 stars

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