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Book Review: So We Meet Again by Suzanne Park

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Author: Suzanne Park

Sub-genre: Contemporary

Hopefully y’all know by now, but just in case, standard disclosure that Suzanne was my Pitch Wars mentor and remains a writer friend so obviously my opinion is biased, but also she’s brilliant. And this is probably my favorite book of hers yet!

When Jessie is unfairly let go from her Wall Street big money job, she heads home to Nashville to shack up with her parents and try to figure out life. She allowed herself to become completely consumed with working when she was living in NYC and being home allows her to a) save money and b) also try to sort out her priorities. While she is there, she decides to restart her long dormant YouTube channel that focuses on quick and easy Korean cooking. One day in the middle of a livestream, her mom butts into her video and the pair become a viral sensation. Her YouTube success leads to a business opportunity that Jessie quickly jumps on and things with her business start to explode. Her love life, however, is about to implode. Upon returning to Nashville, Jessie bumps into her high school rival Daniel, who of course is uber successful and has not been unfairly fired from his job. Daniel helps Jessie with some business contacts and their heated rivalry just turns heated. Jessie and Daniel both have to figure out how to balance work and love, and this is a romance, so they do!

This is probably the first thing I say about all of Suzanne’s books (because it’s true) but probably my favorite thing about SWMA is how laugh out loud funny it is. Suzanne’s humor just hits for me every time and this book was no exception. In addition to the laughs, the other highlight of this one for me was all. the. food. Foodie romances are popular right now and I am here for all of them. Inject them in my veins and then please make sure I have food delivery on standby. This book made me hungry and that is an absolute compliment. The other thing that Suzanne always does so well is her side characters. In this case, Jessie’s parents are the absolute stars (mostly her mom). I loved the mother/daughter dynamic between the two of them and forcing the two of them to work together was just genius. And of course, the love story plays a big role in this one. Daniel is such a good hero. There was a perfect balance of rivals banter and soft and sweet and tender. This is one of those books I could very easily read in one sitting. (Also, take me to the Dolly Parton bar, immediately.)

Overall Rating: 5 stars

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