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Book Review: The Layover by Lacie Waldon

This post contains affiliate links. In addition, Lacie and I share a publisher. All opinions are my own.

Author: Lacie Waldon

Sub-genre: Contemporary

If ever there were a book made for reading while on a beachy/pool vacation, this would be the one! I saved this book for my recent trip because I knew it would be perfectly paired with a tropical cocktail and palm trees, and it absolutely was.

Ava is a flight attendant getting ready to make the final flight of her career. Not because she is ready to retire, but because her fiance doesn’t want her having a job that requires her to travel for three days out of every week. Ava has always dreamed of having a “stable” home life since she grew up with parents with some serious wanderlust. But as she prepares for her last flight–a super sweet overnight to Belize–she starts to have doubts about whether or not she is making the right decision. Those doubts increase when her fiance makes it very clear he won’t marry her if she doesn’t quit her job, even though he works significantly more hours than she does. And to make everything even more difficult, Ava is working this final flight with her nemesis Jack, who is a super hot but somewhat shady former pilot turned flight attendant. When their one night layover turns into a longer delay, Ava and Jack are forced into proximity and it doesn’t take Ava long to realize there is more to Jack than she originally thought. In just a few short hours, Ava finds clarity about her job, her partner, and what she wants her future to look like. And of course, she and Jack manage to find their way to happily ever after.

I know I already said this, but truly, this book was the absolute perfect choice to accompany me on my poolside vacation. I read the whole thing in one day and it was just fun from beginning to end. I loved Ava and her internal struggles. I loved the glimpse into life as a flight attendant (if flying didn’t make me nauseous = dream job), and of course I loved the enemies to lovers relationship between Jack and Ava. Add in some hilarious side characters and a picture perfect setting and this book really had everything I could ever want from a beach read. I think this is one I will revisit when I feel the urge to travel but am stuck at home.

Overall Rating: 5 stars

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