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Book Review: Two Houses by Suleena Bibra

This post contains affiliate links. In addition, I was provided with a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

Title: Two Houses

Author: Suleena Bibra

Sub-genre: Contemporary

Release Date: October 5, 2021

Look, anything that has a Romeo and Juliet reference right there in the title is going to pique my interest. Add to that, Suleena is a fellow Pitch Wars alum, and this book is pure rivals to lovers, and you’ve pretty much won me over before I even started.

Priya is one kickass art house auctioneer. She knows how good she is at her job, which makes it especially frustrating when her father/boss gives more opportunities and assignments to Priya’s twin brother, who has no interest in a career in the art house. But Priya is determined to prove herself, especially when she gets the chance to compete with her nemesis Gavin, who is the heir to a rival art house. Priya and Gavin have known each other since childhood, and been rivals just as long. When the two are set to go head to head to compete for a major collection, all bets are off (actually side bets are on because the two can’t help competing with each other). The collector invites them both to his vacation home to prove who is going to put on the best show and all that forced proximity and competitive spirit really works up the libido. Things between Priya and Gavin turn steamy, but can their chemistry overcome a career that will forever have them at odds with each other? I mean, it’s a romance, so yes, but they sure do make it difficult!

It’s really hard for me to pick a favorite aspect of this book because the whole thing is so damn delightful. I adored both Priya and Gavin. The cast of side characters is witty and fun. The banter between Priya and Gavin is TO DIE FOR. Seriously, if banter is your thing, you’re going to fall in love with this book. There were steamy sex scenes, tropes galore, and a totally new to me career path that I had so much fun learning about. Romance fans are going to gobble this one up (I read the whole thing basically in one sitting because I just couldn’t stop). Seriously, add this one to your TBR and preorder because it is a must read. It has everything I want in a romance and I can’t wait to see what Suleena does next!

Overall Rating: 5 stars

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