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Book Review: Very Sincerely Yours by Kerry Winfrey

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Author: Kerry Winfrey

Sub-genre: Contemporary

Sometimes I make a lot of blanket statements about books that I like. I don’t like small town romance. I don’t like closed door. And while those things aren’t not true, every so often I find myself being pulled into stories with those things I don’t like and loving them just as much as books with all my favorites. And Kerry is probably my number one exception to the closed door rule because all of her books are closed door and I love every single one of them. They all just give me the warm and squishies and I am here for it every time.

When Teddy finds herself unceremoniously dumped instead of engaged, her life goes into a bit of a downward spiral. She’s forced to move out of her lovely townhome and into the literal closet in the apartment her best friends share. And she’s forced to really reevaluate her life, which she likes, but also in a lot of ways, just settles for. She likes her job at a toy store, but she doesn’t necessarily feel like it’s her calling. She liked her boyfriend enough to consider marrying him, but once she has some space, she can see how wrong he was for her. Basically, she just feels lost. And so one night she reaches out to a popular local children’s TV show host (think Mr. Rogers but young and hot) and asks him for advice, obviously never expecting any sort of reply. But Everett does reply and the two strike up an email correspondence. This simple exchange of letters makes both of them happier than they’ve been in some time, and when they have a chance in person meeting, their relationship moves to the next level. But Teddy is still figuring out her life and Everett is on the brink of a major career achievement and they both have to get their shit together before they can really be together. And they do, because duh.

Okay, so not going to lie, it took me a while to get into this one because Teddy and Everett don’t even really start interacting with each other until almost 100 pages into the book. I can do slow burns, but this was a sloooooooooow burn. But once they started emailing, I was hooked. Everett is probably one of my favorite heroes in recent memory because I love me a soft boi and oof he is the softest. I was also really enamored with Everett’s little sister who is dry and hilarious and wise beyond her years. And I really liked that Teddy didn’t really have her shit together in the beginning and there wasn’t like a magical cure all by the end. Yes, she was able to sort out a lot of stuff, but she doesn’t all the sudden have her entire life together just because she found love. I was into that. Overall, like all of Kerry’s books, this was just soft and sweet and so so lovable and such a great read.

Overall Rating: 4.5 stars

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