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May 2022 Releases I’m Excited For!

This post contains affiliate links.

May is going to be another big month for publishing and my bank account is already crying. Today is already seeing some of the biggest releases of the year, and there are going to be even more fabulous books coming our way throughout the month. There are so many I’m excited for, these are just a few of the standouts!

Book Lovers by Emily Henry: Duh. Releases May 3.

Never Been Kissed by Timothy Janovsky: Timothy is a 2022 debut and this book about high school crushes and drive in movie theaters sounds absolutely adorable. It’s already in my possession and I can’t wait to read it! Releases May 3.

The Stand-In by Lily Chu: I love me a celebrity look alike switcheroo story (I think this harkens back to my love for The Parent Trap) and I am obsessed with this gorgeous cover. Releases May 3.

Blame It on the Brontes by Annie Sereno: 2022 is the year of books about books and I am here for every single one of them. Inject them straight into my veins please! Releases May 3.

Set on You by Amy Lea: I’ve already read this delightful 2022 debut and it was so charming, I can’t wait to own it in paperback. If you’ve ever fantasized about Chris Evans (so uh everyone?) then you’re going to fall in love with this book. Release May 10.

Something Wilder by Christina Lauren: I’ve already read this one too (#humblebrag) and this is my favorite CLo book in a while. It’s a story unlike anything they’ve written before, yet it still is 100% a CLo book. It’s steamy and witty and funny but so full of adventure and suspense. If you enjoyed The Lost City then you’ll definitely love this book. Release May 17.

The Bride Goes Rogue by Joanna Shupe: Joanna is one of the only historical writers on my must buy list and this cover is everything. Releases May 24.

As usual, we have so many books and so little time! What are you looking forward to reading this month?

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