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My Book Launch at the Ripped Bodice!

If you’ve hung around me at all (and by that I mean in person or here on this blog or on social media) you know how much I love the Ripped Bodice. I’ve been a long-time shopper and fangirl, and so when I found out I was going to get to do my book launch at their amazing store, it was a literal dream come true moment. Leading up to the big day, there was tons of uncertainty with case numbers and I was really nervous we were going to have to cancel, and then when it became clear we wouldn’t have to cancel, I was nervous no one would show up but my mom. I’m happy to say there were several people in the audience not related to me, and overall, I had such a good time at the launch of Lease on Love! Here’s some of the highlights of the event!

Part of the reason this whole thing was so successful and easy was because I was lucky enough to have one of my Pitch Wars mentors, Suzanne Park, by my side. I asked Suzanne to interview me and I am so thankful she accepted! Suzanne is a pro onstage and I knew she would help ease my nerves and save my butt if my stagefright took over (luckily, it didn’t).  She asked me a lot of fun questions and then led the audience in an inappropriate Mad Libs featuring one of the steamy scenes from Lease on Love. My husband got a little to creative with the adjectives he volunteered and hearing my sex scene read out loud with my mother in the room was an experience, but I also laughed my ass off, so there’s that. I might share the final version here on the blog at some point, but if you really want to read it, make sure you sign up for my newsletter!

After my “in conversation” with Suzanne, I got to sign books for all the attendees and preorders, plus finally hand out some of my swag! It still blows my mind that there are people out there buying and reading my book, but it was so fun to sign copies and chat with some fellow romance fans. I also really leaned into the floral theme, if you couldn’t tell. Overall, I had the most amazing book launch and I am so thankful to Suzanne and to the Ripped Bodice for hosting me! Thank you to everyone who came out and to those who preordered! All the love and hugs!

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