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Monthly Wrap Up: August 2022

Hi friends! I cannot believe we are looking back on another month (and basically already halfway through September!). August was a busy life month, and it marks the beginning of the school year for the kid, which means getting back into a normal schedule, which is always nice. So let’s look back at the happs from August!

Reading: The kid being back in school means more reading time for me! I finished nineteen books in August, and I managed to (mostly) stick to my book buying ban (I was on vacation so that doesn’t count). I read a lot of really good books last month, and you can see all of my favorites in this post right here!

Writing: Getting back into real life means getting back to writing. I took a much longer writing break than I had originally planned, but I’m so glad I did because it made diving back into the drafting game much easier and more fun. I’m finishing up final edits for Just My Type, but we are coming to the tail end of those (!!!) so most of my attention is focused on drafting book four. Drafting is my absolute favorite part of the writing process and I am LOVING this book so far! It feels weird to be working on a book that isn’t going to come out for three years, but such is the publishing life! I’ve just dipped into this first draft, but it’s already so much fun and I’m really excited to see where this one goes. Oh, and I hit a sales number in August for Lease on Love that I honestly never expected to see and I am so thankful for all the love that’s been shown for my little book baby.

Movies and TV: I only saw one movie in August and it was the DC Super Pets movie which was obviously not one of my picks. I’m hoping to get more movies in this month because it seems like there’s a lot of good ones coming out that don’t involve animated dogs (no offense, I just saw a lot of animated dogs this summer). I did watch some fabulous TV in August, most notably the new A League of Their Own series. I am a huge fan of the movie (I even watched the first rendition of the TV show way back when) and I am obsessed with this show. It is perfect. I also rewatched Bridgerton season two while I was in London, and rewatched Schmigadoon for *reasons*. And I watched season 40 of Survivor in my bid to catch up #JusticeForNatalie.

Life Stuff: Lots of fun life stuff happened in August, including my first ever international trip. I had so much fun in London (trip reports are coming soon!) and am already looking forward to going back someday soon! And as I mentioned before, the kid went back to school at the beginning of the month, which means I am now leading a much more productive life and actually getting things done during the day.

August was a pretty awesome month, let’s see what the next few have in store!

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