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Some Bookish Updates!

Hi friends! Things have been happening quite quickly over here in oh shit I’m going to be a published author land and I wanted to give you some updates! I can’t share too many details about Lease On Love just yet, but I can tell you that my cover is done (!!!!!!) and I love it so freaking much. It will probably be another couple months before I can share it publicly, but I hope you all love it as much as I do! If you want to be one of the first to see it, you should most definitely sign up for my newsletter! I promise I try not to be super annoying and spam your email inbox with nonsense, which is why every week I include at least one hot guy! So even if you don’t care about what’s happening with me and you just want a dose of hotness to start your week off right, then you should probably sign up!

The other exciting update is that you can now add Lease On Love on goodreads! I’m not going to lie, I’ve never been a serious goodreads user, but it still feels a little surreal to see my book listed and even more surreal to see people marking that they want to read it! Okay, so most of the people who want to read it (as of now) are my friends, but whatever, it still counts! If you’re a goodreads user and want to add my book, please do!

So many exciting things are happening over here behind the scenes and I wish I could shout about all of them to all of you, but for now, I really appreciate you taking the time to check in and hopefully sign up for the newsletter and add Lease On Love on goodreads! Many more exciting things to come!

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