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My Totally Realistic Christmas Wishlist

I don’t want a lot for Christmas…

Actually. I do. I have a very long list of things I want for Christmas, some more attainable than others. I’m sure I’ll unwrap plenty of books and gift cards on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning, but the beauty of being a writer is my list of intangible Christmas wishes is so much more fun. And yes, I realize some of these things could eventually happen, but I’m shooting for the stars here and all that jazz. Humor me. These are my most unrealistic Christmas dreams!

To Be Approved for Every ARC I Request: My current list of titles that need reviewing might not be so happy about this wishlist item, but really, if I knew ahead of time I was going to be approved, I might actually be more judicious in my requests (ha!). What tends to happen to me now is I apply for all these long shot titles, and then when I don’t hear back, I request more and more, and then all of the sudden they all get approved at once and I now have twenty books to read that all come out tomorrow. So automatic approval is definitely a thing I need!

To Hit the NY Times Bestseller List: But Falon, LEASE ON LOVE doesn’t come out until February! I know. I want to be the first book in history to hit the list preemptively. JK. Honestly, despite knowing the multiple issues with the list and how it’s compiled, I still wanna be on it (pretty sure all writers do). Maybe someday!

Sell Those Movie Rights: In addition to a massive deal for the rights, I’d also like to write the screenplay and produce. Do I have experience with either of those jobs? No, but I’m a fast learner and I’m sure I could figure it out! I’ve read tons of books about making movies, so that has to count for something!

Sign Another Book Deal: For at least three more books, but maybe we could shoot for like six or seven, just for funsies?

Foreign Rights in Italy and France: All I want for Christmas is a tax deductible European vacation baby! (That’s a joke should anyone from the IRS happen upon this blog post!)

An Imposter Syndrome-Free Book Two Revision Period: L.O.L. The most unattainable of them all!

In all seriousness, I’m so grateful for all the opportunities this year has afforded me and I’m so excited (and slightly terrified) for next year and all the new milestones to come! Share an unrealistic holiday wishlist item with me!

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