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Social Media and Blog Updates

Hi friends! If you follow me on the social medias, you might already be aware that some changes are afoot, but just in case you don’t (but like you totally should), I wanted to fill you in on what you can expect over there, and also what you can expect to find change wise happening here on the blog.

Over on the ‘gram, I’m shifting all of my content over to my main account, formerly @falonloveslife. Now that account is know as @falonballard (that’s me!). A lot of factors went into this decision of mine, one being that I spend way too much time on social media as it is, and operating a bunch of different accounts was a lot of work. Moving everything to one account should hopefully lighten the load for me. And since one of my writer goals is to get that all important book deal, I want to have an Insta that represents all sides of me, and is easy to find. So if you’re not already and you want to see books and writing and booze and fandoms, please follow me there!

I also changed my Twitter username to @falonballard, but you won’t be seeing much of a content change over there. Lots of snark and reality TV commentary and gushing about books and the like. If you’re on Twitter and find me funny here, chances are you’ll find me even funnier there.

Now, for the website. This is going to be a long process, so don’t expect any immediate changes, but this site is eventually going to transition to being my full time writer website. I’m still going to blog about all the same things (though I do plan on incorporating more writer themed content), the site itself is just going to look a little different. And will hopefully eventually contain things like information on where to buy my book(s)! So nothing to worry about here, the site will just be getting a makeover, and eventually a new name (…seeing a theme?).

I truly want to thank all of you for your time and support and encouragement and likes and comments, it’s so fun for me to engage with other readers and writers and I really hope to keep that up throughout the year and beyond!

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